Hoppers SnoAle shhh...

Well, we were keeping this on the down low and now that I've just had one I am very hesitant in even mentioning it. Why? Because it's so damn good I want it all for myself!

Hoppers brewmaster Donovan Steele has kicked out an absolutely amazing farmhouse style holiday beer. One word popped into my mind when drinking it: WOW!

Don't just take my word for it, here is some more gushing by our local beer blogger extrodinare Mike Riedel:

"Just when you thought that you had reached your local Holiday beer quota for the year, another crazy damn brewer decides to up the ante."

Read Mikey's whole take (which I couldn't agree with more) on his blog.

This is a true Artisinal product so supplies are very limited quantities. I thank Donovan and Hoppers for letting us have any of it. If it were my beer I would have kept it all for my self.

We have Lagunitas!

We finally received our order of Lagunitas beers!!!


Lagunitas has always been one of our most requested beers. Located in Petaluma California this brewery takes their beer as seriously as they don't take the rest of the world. One taste and you will realize why their following is so strong.

We received their IPA, Pils, Pale Ale, Censored (Kronik), Maximus and Imperial Stout.

Lagunitas beers are continually among the highest rated beers on Search for Lagunitas on their site and check it out.

Our initial order is fairly small with from 5 to 10 cases of each label.  We are working on getting another order going so we don't run out but we can't promise anything.

To learn more about these beers and Lagunitas in general check out their very silly and irreverent website

Holiday Beers have arrived!

Rare and Limited Holiday Beers

Our holiday beer order has finally arrived. All but two of these beers are exclusive to The Bayou and I am pretty sure we might be exclusive on the other two as well. Supplies are extremely limited (only 24 of a few of them, I won't tell you which) so don't wait too long before trying them.

Beer Name Country ABV Size Price
Ølfabrikken Kloster Jul Denmark 8.0% 650 ml 15-
Ølfabrikken (The Beer Factory) is a small experimental brewery on the vibrant Danish beer scene. Kloster Jul is a hoppy Christmas Ale brewed with large quantities of American Chinook hops and wonderfully spiced with coriander and cinnamon.
Mikkeller Santa's Helper Belgium 11.0% 750 ml 21-
An 11% Belgian quadruple style ale. Delicious with big flavors of cookie dough, chocolate, figs and spice. The addition of actual cocoa powder makes this one incredibly special.
De Ranke Pere Noel Belgium 7.0% 330 ml 9-
The De Ranke brewers make small batches of what many consider the best specialty beers of Belgium. Their beers are robust and flavorful, and famous for their massive hoppiness. Pere Noel has a gorgeous cellar aroma with a distinctive hoppy dryness. A true Champagne of beers.
Serafijn Christmas Angel Belgium 8.0% 750 ml 22-
A tiny Belgian brewery wedged into a crowded garage on a quiet street in a small Flemish town. Started by an ex music teacher, Achilles Van de Moer, makes simple, honest beers and takes as his symbol the Seraph, a six-winged high angel of heaven.
A hearty amber brew, well-balanced and warming with just the right spirit.
Jenlain Noel France 6.8% 750 ml 19-
This holiday beer comes from Brasserie Duyck, in the tiny agricultural town of Jenlain, in the northeast of France, quite near the Belgian border. Famous for their Saison style Farmhouse ales, Jenlain's holiday beer has a rich full sweetness with a tinge of orange peel. A great dark holiday ale.
JDeschutes Abyss USA 11.0% 651 ml 20-
Ranked #4 on's Top Beers on Planet Earth. The Abyss has huge depth and an amazingly rich and complex character. Full of licorish, molasses as well as coffee and roast, this 11% alcohol beer is one not to miss.
Deschutes Jubel 2010 USA 10.0% 651 ml 20-
This remarkable beer has been brewed only twice. Once in 2000 and again in 2010.
Originally created when a clumsy burglar didn’t realize the weight of his stolen keg of Jubelale. He dropped it outside to freeze in the season’s sub-zero temperatures - only to be discovered the next morning by Gary Fish, Deschutes Brewery's owner. More than half the liquid in the keg had frozen and the remaining beer was a very cold, highly concentrated “Jubelale on steroids.” It was so good that the brewers set about recreating it (minus the freezing part) coming up with an annual “Super Jubel” that is aged in Oregon oak pinot barrels.
Struise Tsjeeses Belgium 10.0% 330 ml 14-
A deep blonde abbey-style trippel that has been aged for 8 months over different stone fruits. Once you try one you too will say “Tsjeeses, what a beer”.
“Don't f**k with the Tsjeeses.” --Coen Brothers, Big Lebowski
Thirez Bière de Noël Belgium 6.0% 330 ml 8-
A beautiful red-gold wheat beer, with quite subtle all-spice and orange peel added. A slightly tart and quite refreshing festive brew. Champagne for the true beer lover.

Ridgeway Holiday Beers

The Ridgeway Brewery is named for the oldest road in the British Isles and Europe, running nearly 100 miles, past that other ancient landmark, Stonehenge. It is now only passable by foot.

Bad Elf UK 6.0% 500 ml 9-
Old England meets the new world in this strong, warming winter IPA.
Very Bad Elf UK 7.5% 500 ml 10-
A Special Old Ale brewed from a 1795 recipe using specially-grown ingredients.
Seriously Bad Elf UK 9.0% 500 ml 10-
An English Double Ale with a bit of Belgian character. Unique for the U.K.
Criminally Bad Elf UK 10.5% 500 ml 11-
A boffo Barley Wine. Same basic recipe as Thomas Hardy's Ale.
Insanely Bad Elf UK 12.0% 330 ml 9-
Billed as an Imperial Red Ale this is a gorgeous and tasty beer.
Warm Welcome UK 6.0% 500 ml 9-
A stronger brown ale with more hops than you'd expect.
Santa's Butt UK 6.0% 500 ml 9-
Strong porter. The original name for porter was Entire Butt, meaning the whole barrel.
Pickled Santa UK 6.0% 500 ml 9-
Amber, spiced Christmas Ale.
Lump of Coal UK 8.0% 500 ml 11-
Liquid consolation for a depressing holiday. Considering how bad you have been, this 8% bittersweet chocolate stout is more than you deserve.
Reindeer's Revolt UK 6.0% 500 ml 9-
A golden amber, hop-accented, English “winter warmer” brewed without spices.

What the hell are you doing still reading this?!?!? There are beers to be consumed!

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