Deschutes Hop in the Dark just in.

The newest entry into the world of Black IPA's, Deschutes Hop in the Dark has arrived at The Bayou.

“We’ve brewed 22 batches of this beer at both our Bend and Portland pubs, experimenting on our customers as we perfected the recipe,” said Brewmaster Larry Sidor. “This beer has subtle coffee undertones born from a blend of oats with dark, Munich and crystal malts. Classic IPA flavors and aromas are due to courageous additions of Cascade, Citra and Centennial hops.”

New Beers!

We just took deliery of four new beers, including one super rare beer Samuel Smiths Stingo.

Samuel Smiths Stingo

Stingo, traditional strong ale originating in the north of England, is mentioned in literature before 1700. Samuel Smith's Stingo melds the fine history of this style with the signature elegance of the brewery. Brewed from British malt and multiple hop varieties, Stingo is fermented in open-topped stone "Yorkshire Squares," with the Samuel Smith ale yeast strain. It is then aged for over a year in oak barrels that previously held cask-conditioned ale, gaining complexity and depth from the wood. Bottle conditioning - bottling the beer with live yeast for carbonation - produces soft conditioning as well as a fruity aroma and finish; it also allows Stingo to age and develop in the bottle for many months.

Only 2000 cases of Singo are brewed each year.

Pinkus Organic Jubilate Dark Lager

History Jubilate was first brewed in 1966 to commemorate the 150th anniversary of Pinkus Brewery. Crisp and with some caramel notes from dark malt, this beer pays tribute to German lagers of the early 19th century. Deep amber-brown color with great depth and richness; a medium-to-full-bodied celebratory lager with an elegant hop finish.

Lindemans Faro

Faro is a Flemish classic, served throughout pubs in Brussels but uncommon outsdie Belgium. Historically, sugar or sugar syrup was sometimes added to young, unblended lambic by a bartender - it helped balance the lambic's tart acidity - and eventually lambic brewers began to bottle faro.

Samuel Smith's Organic Ale

Samuel Smith's Organic Ale is reminiscent of the early 20th century brews not only in the brewing process and flavor, but label design as well. Certified organic by the USDA-accredited UK Soils Association. A delicately flavored golden ale in which subtle fruity esters from the Samuel Smith yeast strain interact with a background of maltiness and fresh hops.


EPIC Beers flowing back in.

Epic Beers: Epic beersEpic Beers: Epic beers Epic beers are flowing back in.

We got the Galloway Porter yesterday, Capt'n Cromptons Pale Ale today and we should be seeing the Copper Cone on Wednsday and the Hopulent Batch #3 on either Thursday or Friday.

We still have some of the Spiral Jetty IPA, Smoked and Oaked and multiple award winning (even beating out Duvel) Brainless Belgian.

Check out all of EPIC's beers at


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