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I have recently become aware of some major issues in Sen. Valentines SB248. Written to help big brewers who have found themselves too successful to qualify for the small brewer discount, SB248 is blatantly anti small business.

SB248 contains language requiring small brewers to sell their product through a distributor instead of directly as is currently allowed. This will have a major impact on our small brewers and seems specifically designed to give additional advantage to the big brewers who already dominate the local distributors. Overall this bill is not small business friendly and throws the smaller brewers under the bus to increase the profits of the large brewers.

Our small eastern and southern Utah breweries will be hit especially hard by this new law. Moreover, we will most likely no longer be able to get several of our favorite breweries beers at The Bayou. With several new small breweries coming on line in Utah this is an even more pressing issue. SB 248 must be stopped.

Ask your representative to vote against this bill in its current form. It is anti-small business and anti Utah brewers.

You can find your Representative and Senator using the district map on the Utah Legislation website.

Cajun Corn Dogs

Check out our latest creation, Cajun Corn Dogs.  House made batter and fried to order.  Suck on that State Fair!

Mardi Gras is Tomorrow!

Mardi GrasTomorrow, Tuesday February 12th, is Mardi Gras!!! We will be starting our day early joining Big Budah on Fox 13 for their morning show.  We will be talking Mardi Gras history, demoing some cajun cooking and The Number Ones will be playing some awesome funky jazz. 

We will continue celebrating all night with more music by The Number Ones, beads for everyone (no need to embarrass yourselves), killer beers and great Cajun and Creole food. Get on down and enjoy this traditional day of eating and drinking.

Every year we are asked what day of the week Mardi Gras is on.  Well, Mardi Gras actually translates to Fat Tuesday. Notice the key usage of the word Tuesday. This means that the holiday occurs on TUESDAY not Friday or Saturday. Of course in Utah we find ourselves celebrating Cinco de Mayo on whatever Saturday or Friday is closest to the Fifth; Independence day on the 4th unless it is a Sunday and then we go to Friday or Saturday using some method I have no understanding of. Same with Halloween where kids use the whole weekend if it falls on a Sunday. At The Bayou we will always celebrate Mardi Gras properly on Tuesday.

Anyway, getting that rant out of my system, Mardi Gras is a day of celebration in Anglican and Catholic traditions, the last day of eating rich, fatty food and drinking before the fasting of the Lenten season which begins on Ash Wednesday (the day after Mardi Gras). While many consider the whole period of festivities leading up to that special Tuesday as "Mardi Gras" really is it more appropriate to call that time Carnival.

If you have ever wondered how the date is calculated (considering that it seems to swing wildly from year to year) here is the forumla: Ash Wednesday is 46 days before Easter. Easter is the Sunday following the full moon following the vernal equinox. However, the vernal equinox and full moon are not determined astronomically (that would make too much sense) but a theoretical model called the Ecclesiastical Full Moon is used. It is long and convoluted process with differences depending on which orthodox group you follow. You can read the whole messy system on wikipedia

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