pale ales

pale and amber ales

Pale Ales, Amber Ales and Steam Beers are among the most popular beers in the microbrewing scene. These beers range from light straw to deep mahogany, malty to fairly hoppy. Amber Ales tend to be maltier than Pale Ales in general.

Beer NamePrice
Anderson Valley Bourbon Barrel Stout (651ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™14.00
Beer Here Hopticulus (500ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™14.00
Bellegems Bruin (330ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™8.50
Boulevard 80 acre hoppy wheat (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™5.50
Boulevard Grainstorm IPA (750ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™15.75
Boulevard Reverb Imperial Pils (750ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™15.00
Boulevard Rye on Rye (750ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™20.50
Boulevard Terra Incognita (750ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™20.50
BrewDog Dogma (330ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™15.75
Brigand 750ml (750ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™15.00
Crooked Birthday Suit 21 Yr (750ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™19.50
Crooked Jacked Imperial Pumpkin (750ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™15.75
Crooked Tinder (750ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™15.00
De Molen Amarillo (330ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™10.25
Deschutes Chainbreaker IPA (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™5.50
Epic Old Sage Brett (750ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™17.75
Firestone Double DBA Bitter (650ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™17.75
Firestone Sucaba Barleywine (650ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™29.75
Hobgoblin Dark English Ale (500ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™5.50
Jolly Pumpkin Oro de Calabaza (750ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™19.50
Koningshoeven Quadrupel Oak Age (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™21.50
L'Hermitiere Cidre Brut (750ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™20.50
L'Hermitiere Cidre Demi-Sec (750ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™20.50
La Trappe Jubilaris (750ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™16.75
Lagunitas Hairy Eyeball (650ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™11.25
Lagunitas Sucks (355ml)RateBeer™5.50
Meantime Scotch Ale (750ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™17.75
Meantime Smoked Bock (750ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™11.25
Meantime Weizen Bock (750ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™15.75
Mikkeller AK Alive (750ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™17.75
Mikkeller Barrel Aged Chipotle (375ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™17.75
Mikkeller From/To (750ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™17.75
Mikkeller SpontanCherry (375ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™14.00
Mikkeller SpontanNoble (375ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™14.00
New Belgium Fat Tire (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™5.50
Ommegang 3 Philosophers (750ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™19.50
Ommegang Game of Thrones Fire and Blood (750ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™17.75
Red Rock Drioma (500ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™7.50
Reinaert Flemish Wild Ale (330ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™8.50
Ridgeway Reindeer Droppings (500ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.50
Ridgeway Reindeer's Revolt (500ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.50
Ridgeway Seriously Bad Elf (500ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.50
Ridgeway Very Bad Elf (500ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.50
Ridgeway Warm Welcome (500ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™5.50
Rogue DBL Chocolate Stout (650ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™22.25
Sam Adams Double Agent IPL (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™5.50
St. Feuillien's Belgian Coast IPA (330ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™8.50
St. Feuillien's Speciale (750ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™19.50
To Ol Frost Bites IPA (500ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™8.50
To Ol Shameless Santa (750ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™15.00
Tsjeeses (330ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™11.25
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