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We are proud to carry a full line of Utah beers from our local microbreweries and brew pubs. Utah brewers produce some of the finest beers in the world as can be seen from their many awards at national and international beer festivals.

While all draft beers produced in Utah are at or below 4.0% Alcohol by Volume (3.2% by weight) the bottled beers produced by our brewers are all over the map. A particularly giant beer is Crooked Line's Labyrinth with clocks in at 13% ABV.

Local Bottled Beers

Beer NamePrice
Crooked Cockeyed Cooper BBB (750ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™24.00
Crooked Detour DBL IPA 355 (350ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Crooked Labyrinth Black Ale (750ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™24.00
Crooked Sea Legs (750ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™22.00
Epic 825 Stout (651ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™9.00
Epic Barley Wine (651ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™15.00
Epic Belgian Wit (651ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™9.00
Epic Big Bad Baptist (651ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™23.00
Epic Brainless Belgian (651ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™12.00
Epic Brainless Cherries (651ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™19.00
Epic Brainless on Peach (651ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™19.00
Epic Captn Cromptons (651ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™7.00
Epic Copper Cone Pale (651ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™12.00
Epic Cross Fever Amber (651ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™7.00
Epic Double Skull (651ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™9.00
Epic Galloway Porter (651ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™7.00
Epic Hop Syndrome (651ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™9.00
Epic Hopulent (651ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™12.00
Epic Imperial IPA (651ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™17.00
Epic Imperial Red (651ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™14.00
Epic Imperial Stout (651ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™17.00
Epic Intermountain Wheat (651ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™7.00
Epic Marzen (651ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™8.00
Epic Mid Mountain Mild (651ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™8.00
Epic Pfeifferhorn Lager (651ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™8.00
Epic Rio's Rompin' Rye (651ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™8.00
Epic Smoked and Oaked (651ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™23.00
Epic Smoked Porter (651ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™9.00
Epic Sour Apple Saison (651ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™15.00
Epic Spiral Jetty IPA (651ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™8.00
Epic Straight Up Saison (651ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™15.00
Hop Rising IPA (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Red Rock Elephino (500ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™8.00
Red Rock Le Quatre (750ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™7.00
Squatters Big Cottonwood (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Squatters Hells Keep (750ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™21.00
Squatters IPA (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Squatters Outer Darkness (750ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™20.00
Uinta Barley Wine (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Uinta Dubhe (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Wasatch Devastator (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00
Wasatch White Label (355ml)RateBeer™  Untappd™6.00

Local Draft Beers

Bohemian Munich Dunkel5.00
Bohemian Pilsner5.00
Bohemian Vienna5.00
Bonneville Irish Stout5.00
Bonneville Pale Ale5.00
Cask Special5.00
Desert Edge Bourbon Porter5.00
Desert Edge Happy Valley Hefe5.00
Desert Edge Pilsner5.00
Desert Edge UPA5.00
Four+ Baba5.00
Four+ Wyld Pale5.00
Moab Rye IPA5.00
Red Rock Jr. IPA5.00
Red Rock Nut Brown5.00
Roosters Two-Bit Amber5.00
Squatters Full Suspension5.00
Uinta Brighton Revolver5.00
Uinta Cutthroat5.00
Uinta IPA5.00
Unsacred Pale Ale5.00
Wasatch Evolution Am5.00
Wasatch Polygamy Porter5.00

Utah Beer Links

Here is a collection of links to Utah's finest breweries and brew pubs. We know that you can't drink every beer at The Bayou so we figured we'd share the love.

We do carry beers (if not all their beers) from almost every brewery on this list.

Bohemian Brewery
Desert Edge Brewery
Eddie Mc Stiffs
Epic Brewing Company
Four+ Brewing
Hoppers Brewpub
Moab Brewery
Red Rock Brewing
Roosters Brewing Co.
Ruby River
Shades of Pale
Squatters Pub and Brewery
Uinta Brewing
Utah Brewers Coop.
Wasatch Brewing Co.
Zion Canyon Brewing Co.

Make sure to try and give all these great Utah breweries some love.

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