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New Lagunitas Beers

The only thing better than spending a week judging and drinking beer is to come home to new beers!

New Lagunitas

We received two new Lagunitas beers while I was gone.

Undercover Investigation Shut-down Ale.

This oxymoronic 'Imperial Mild'  commemorates Lagunitas 2005 St. Patricks Day party where hundreds of Laguinitas' friends showed up for a good time.  It turns out that among these many friends were several undercover officers.  Well, these officers spent the night trying to get someone to sell them some of Sonoma County's Finest.  Lagunita's employees being the good folks they are wouldn't sell any but were willing to give it away for free.  Anyway, a few people were busted for possesion and after a whole bunch of Lawyers and ATF stuff they were given a 20 day shut down to ship and sell beer.  The Lagunitas gang used that time to make more beer and install a state-of-the-art bottling line that  has made their beer better ever since.

Wilco Tango Foxtrot (WTF)

Described as a "Malty, Robust, Jobless Recovery Ale", WTF was originally planned on being called the "2010 Recovery Ale". Well, as you all know, things haven't worked out exactly like that and Lagunitas just had to say "WTF?"  Anyway, this American Strong Ale might not help out the recovery but drinking it will certainly help you forget about it.


Idaho Beer Fest

First day back after judging the Mountain Brewers Festival in Idaho Falls. It was a great experience as usual and our Utah brewers did very well.

It was awesome to see so many Bayou fans at the actual fest. They don't call this festival the biggest Utah Beer Fest for nothing.

Mikey has a list of all the medals that Utah brewers won on his blog at

Judging the beer fest is an amazing exerience but seriously quite a bit of work.  All the beers are presented blind (poured by the stewards in a different room) and it is always surprising to find out what beers you ended up giving medals to.  It is nice when I find out that I gave a gold to a beer that turns out to be one of my favorite local beers.  I didn't recognize Desert Edge's Mild ale in the medal round for that category but knew that the beer we were drinking deserved gold. Same goes for Uinta's Barley Wine and Cutthroat neither of which I recognized blind but gave medals to just the same.

Here are the categories that I judged:

Day 1: American Blonde Ale, Scotch Ales, American Brown Ale, American Strong Pale Ale, American Barley Wine.

Day2: English Brown Ale, American Amber Ale, Double/Imperial India Pale Ale (ouch),Marzen Oktoberfest Medal Round, American Blonde Ale Medal Round, American IPA Semi-Finals.

Day3: Vienna Lager Medal Round, Ordinary Bitter Medal Round, American Amber Ale Medal Round, American Barley Wine Medal Round.

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