Idaho Beer Fest

First day back after judging the Mountain Brewers Festival in Idaho Falls. It was a great experience as usual and our Utah brewers did very well.

It was awesome to see so many Bayou fans at the actual fest. They don't call this festival the biggest Utah Beer Fest for nothing.

Mikey has a list of all the medals that Utah brewers won on his blog at

Judging the beer fest is an amazing exerience but seriously quite a bit of work.  All the beers are presented blind (poured by the stewards in a different room) and it is always surprising to find out what beers you ended up giving medals to.  It is nice when I find out that I gave a gold to a beer that turns out to be one of my favorite local beers.  I didn't recognize Desert Edge's Mild ale in the medal round for that category but knew that the beer we were drinking deserved gold. Same goes for Uinta's Barley Wine and Cutthroat neither of which I recognized blind but gave medals to just the same.

Here are the categories that I judged:

Day 1: American Blonde Ale, Scotch Ales, American Brown Ale, American Strong Pale Ale, American Barley Wine.

Day2: English Brown Ale, American Amber Ale, Double/Imperial India Pale Ale (ouch),Marzen Oktoberfest Medal Round, American Blonde Ale Medal Round, American IPA Semi-Finals.

Day3: Vienna Lager Medal Round, Ordinary Bitter Medal Round, American Amber Ale Medal Round, American Barley Wine Medal Round.

The end is nigh! Drink Trappist Beer!

As I am sure you are well aware, it turns out that this Saturday is going to be Judgement Day.  "O.K." you are saying, "but where does The Bayou fit into this whole end times thing?" 

Well, if you, like much of our staff, could use earning a few extra brownie points during these last few days, we have got your back.  We have not 1, not 2 but 11 different Trappist beers from 5 of the 7 Trappist breweries!

Now, I'm not saying that drinking lots of Trappist beers will guarantee your Rapture, but it can't hurt. 

So, hurry on in an try a beer from Orval (pictured on the left), Chimay, Rochfort, La Trappe (Konnigshoven) and Westmalle. 

You only have 3 days to consume enough Trappist beers to offset all your bad deeds from the last 21+ years. 


We have a backup plan

O.K., for the sake of argument, lets say that your bad deeds turn out to be simply too much for even trappist beer to overcome. Well, being ones who remember our Boy Scout training, we at The Bayou have a backup plan. Lucifer!

Yes, if you find yourself stuck on earth on the 22nd we have stocked up on Lucifer.

Now, while drinking Lucifer won't give you the brownie points that the Trappist beers will, we feel that it just might help you get on the dark ones good side and should lighten your pain in the days to come. 

Regardless it is a great beer to help forget the bad things to come and at only $6.66 it is a great deal!

Now, I hear you asking yourself, "But who will be at The Bayou to pour these beers on the 22nd? All those wonderful employees are sure to be raptured!" Au contraire, I won't name names but there are a few of us for whom the Trappist monks couldn't possibly brew enough beer to save. So that's good news for you! We will be open promptly at 5:00 pm on the 21st and 22nd to start cracking open the Lucifers.

New Mikkeller Beers

Mikkeller's Funky e*star is a wild fermented Belgian ale brewed in a similar vein as their It's Alive. 

Compared to the It's Alive the Funky e*star is higher in alcohol and fuller in body. 

If you are a fan of the wild ales then this one should be on your list.  We only received 72 bottles so don't wait too long.



If you have had many Mikkeller beers then you know one thing. These guys are not afraid of experimenting. 

This beer, adorned with a strip of bacon on the label, is brewed using the same recipe as their Beer Geek Breakfast Stout but with all the base malt replaced with smoked malt.  

Only 4 pallets of this beer came into the US so we are quite lucky to have gotten our hands on the miniscule 5 cases we received.  Staff is likely to drink this one down quickly so don't say I didn't warn you.

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