SB 314 to kill Utah Beer Fest

Perhaps you have heard about the liquor law changes being proposed in the Utah Senate. You probably didn't hear that one of the changes in Senate Bill 314 would stop City Weekly from putting on their Second Annual Utah Beer Fest.

Didn't it feel great last summer, being part of a REAL beer fest where you could sample the brewers wares without the need of tokens or chits or any silly payment per sample. Ahh, it was just like everywhere else.

Well, Senator Valentine noticed you enjoying yourself and decided to put a stop to it. Here is the relevant summary from the bill:

prohibits event permittees from selling, offering for sale, or furnishing an indefinite 60 or unlimited number of alcoholic products during a set period for a fixed price

Other fun (read that sarcastically) changes are the push back of beer sales to 11:30 am, an hour and a half later than current law of 10:00 am.

Perhaps it would be worth your while to either go to the committee meeting or call your Senator and/or Committee members.

The committee meeting is tomorrow (Wed 23rd) at 7:30 am in room 210 of the Senate Building.

Link to text of SB-314:

Link to committee schedule:

Link to Legislative Roster:

Link to post on Utahbeer:

Here are the committee members contact information:

John L Valentine 
857 E 970 N 
(R) OREM UT 84097 
Utah Home (801) 224−1693 
Office (801) 373−6345 
Fax (801) 377−4991

Curtis S Bramble 3663 N 870 E
(R) PROVO UT 84604
Utah Home (801) 226−3663
Cell (801) 361−5802
Fax (801) 812−8297
Gene Davis 865 PARKWAY AVE
Salt Lake Home (801) 484−9428
Fax (801) 484−9442

David Hinkins P O BOX 485
Carbon, Emery, Home (435) 384−5550
Grand, San Juan, Office (435) 748−2828
Utah Fax (435) 748−2089

Dan Liljenquist 553 S DAVIS BLVD
Davis Home (801) 294−2378

Karen Mayne 5044 W BANNOCK CIR
Asst. Minority Whip Home (801) 968−7756
Salt Lake

Stephen H Urquhart 634 E 1100 S
(R) ST GEORGE UT 84790
Washington Phone (435) 668−7759
Fax (435) 272−4484

Kevin T Van Tassell 3424 W 1500 N
(R) VERNAL UT 84078
Daggett, Duchesne, Home (435) 789−0724
Summit, Uintah, Office (435) 789−7082
Wasatch Fax (435) 789−8411

CW's Best of Utah Voting

It's time for City Weekly's annual Best of Utah voting. If you are as sick as we are of seeing national chains coming up high in the voting (I'm looking at you Olive Garden) while great local joints get second place then it's time for you to do something about it.

You can vote online at or fill in a ballot in the recent issue of City Weekly and drop it in the mail. You will need to setup an account to vote on-line. Do your part to support locally owned independent businesses by giving them a vote. Deadline to vote is March 7th.

City Weekly retired the category "Best Beer Selection" since we won it too many times in a row and they haven't set up a category "Best Beer Spot owned by a Nerd" (the winning of which would totally give us +5 Sexterity) but feel free to add us to any categories you feel like ;-)

Meantime Porter and Karmeliet Back

Good News! Meantime London Porter and Karmeliet Belgian Triple are back in the cooler. 

Meantime London Porter

We last got this beer back in May of 2010 and it was such a hit  that we sold out in about 4 weeks. 

Don't just take my word that this beer is great, here are a couple of it's recent awards.

World's Best Porter
~World Beer Awards 2009

Gold Medal "Exceptional" 91 points
~World Beer Championships 2009

The recipe is a recreation of an orginal 1750 porter. Seven different malts are specially chosen to bring out the classic porter flavor so loved by Londoners . Offering light roast malt on the nose and on the tongue a sweetish caramel gives way to a mouthful of smokey, dry maltiness, and an astringency on the finish that comes entirely from the brown, black and chocolate malts, rather than hops; and there are an awful lot of Fuggle hops in this Porter.




World's Best Ale
~World Beer Awards 2008

Competing brewmasters througout Belgium cite Tripel Karmeliet as one of their favorite Tripels. It's rapidly attaining status as one of the new classics of the Belgian brewing scene.

Brewed with oats, barley and wheat, Tripel Karmeliet has soft, full, rich grain character with hints of banana, vanilla, and a slight, pleasing bubble-gum aroma. A restrained hop bitterness offers perfect balance and a gentle counterpart to its substantial maltiness.

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