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New Mikkeller Beers

Mikkeller's Funky e*star is a wild fermented Belgian ale brewed in a similar vein as their It's Alive. 

Compared to the It's Alive the Funky e*star is higher in alcohol and fuller in body. 

If you are a fan of the wild ales then this one should be on your list.  We only received 72 bottles so don't wait too long.



If you have had many Mikkeller beers then you know one thing. These guys are not afraid of experimenting. 

This beer, adorned with a strip of bacon on the label, is brewed using the same recipe as their Beer Geek Breakfast Stout but with all the base malt replaced with smoked malt.  

Only 4 pallets of this beer came into the US so we are quite lucky to have gotten our hands on the miniscule 5 cases we received.  Staff is likely to drink this one down quickly so don't say I didn't warn you.

New Lagunitas Beers

New Lagunitas Beers

We have just received our latest order of Lagunitas beers complete with two new additions:

Hairy Eyeball 12 oz 8.8% abv $6.00

Lagunitas' spring release for the seasoned beer folks. Big, brown warmer with several types of crystal malt. No actual eyeballs can be found in the beer.

Gnarly Wine 22 oz 11% abv $9.00

The Annual Release of Lagunitas' BarleyWine Style Ale is Dated and Built to Last. Flavors Evolve as Hop Bitterness Yields to Crazy Caramel and Rich Toffee Flavors.

Cajun Corned Beef

Hell no we are not serving green beer.

Hell yes we are serving our killer Cajun Corned Beef and Cabbage.

Our Cajun seasoned corned beef is slow roasted and served with carrots, potatoes andabbage. Our take on the traditional St. Patrick's Day meal with a Cajun twist. Also served with a side salad.

Just say no to green American beer brewed by a company owned by the Belgians. That's not Irish. Say yes to a pint of Guinness. That's Irish.

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