Epic Tasting for Craft Beer Week

In collaboration with American Craft Beer Week  and Epic Brewing, The Bayou will be hosting our second ever mini-beer festival Monday May 14th at 5:00 pm. We will be opening every Epic beer we have on hand including one case of the very rare Brainless Corruption brewed in collaboration with DC Brau.

Many very knowledgeable beer folks (including our own Mark Alston and Epic's Kevin Crompton) will be here to help guide you through Epic's insanely large list of beers.  Tickets are limited to 60 people so don't wait to get your tickets. Tickets are available only at The Bayou and are available now.   You must present valid ID at the door for admittance both to purchase tickets and to attend the festival.

Here is how the festival will work. For $30 (includes all taxes and gratuity) you will get a wrist band and 20 beer tickets that enable you to sample the festival beers. As this event is all about sampling high quality beers in a responsible manner, all samples will be served in 2 ounce pours. You must have both the wrist band and the tickets to be served. No sharing with non-participants!!! Anyone found sharing beer with people without a wrist band will  have their wrist band removed and they will be barred from continued participation. You may however, share freely with other participants. We will cease opening new bottles around 9:00 pm so don't show up too late. 

Be advised that, due to Utah liquor laws and common sense safety, we will not be able to continue serving "intoxicated" people so please take it easy.  You are welcome to eat dinner or appetizers at a table or the bar but food is not included in the festival fee. We will not be able to guarantee seating and tables will be available only for those planning on eating.

Quantities of some of Epic's beers are quite limited so we cannot guarantee their lasting throughout the entire fest. 

New Beer from Epic

Epic BBBEpic BBBEpic has just released their latest new beers. I know, I know... it's beer hours at least since Epic released a new beer.  JK guys ;-)

#1 on the new releases is the Big Bad Baptist Imperial Stout.  Perhaps you remember the Jack Mormon Stout they recently released. Quite tasty and apparenty too offensive to actually sell in the state liquor stores.  Well, proving that they are equal opportunity offenders, here comes the Baptist.

At 11.7% ABV  this Imperial Stout is flavored with coffee and cocoa nibs and aged in bourbon barrels. 




Also arriving today is Epic's Pro-Am beer Festivious Scotch Ale.  Brewed in colaboration with local homebrewer Mike Hahn (long time friend of The Bayou and Beer Nut's Mark Alston) this  Scotch Ale should be great. 

If you are not familiar with the Pro-Am beers here's the scoop.  The Great American Beer Festival has introduced a new category in their competition for beers brewed using a local homebrewers recipe with that homebrewer.  Several local breweries have jumped in to this program and have produced some amazing beers.  We still have Uinta's Schwartz Pro-Am beer which was brewed withTravis Grimm's.

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