The end is nigh! Drink Trappist Beer!

As I am sure you are well aware, it turns out that this Saturday is going to be Judgement Day.  "O.K." you are saying, "but where does The Bayou fit into this whole end times thing?" 

Well, if you, like much of our staff, could use earning a few extra brownie points during these last few days, we have got your back.  We have not 1, not 2 but 11 different Trappist beers from 5 of the 7 Trappist breweries!

Now, I'm not saying that drinking lots of Trappist beers will guarantee your Rapture, but it can't hurt. 

So, hurry on in an try a beer from Orval (pictured on the left), Chimay, Rochfort, La Trappe (Konnigshoven) and Westmalle. 

You only have 3 days to consume enough Trappist beers to offset all your bad deeds from the last 21+ years. 


We have a backup plan

O.K., for the sake of argument, lets say that your bad deeds turn out to be simply too much for even trappist beer to overcome. Well, being ones who remember our Boy Scout training, we at The Bayou have a backup plan. Lucifer!

Yes, if you find yourself stuck on earth on the 22nd we have stocked up on Lucifer.

Now, while drinking Lucifer won't give you the brownie points that the Trappist beers will, we feel that it just might help you get on the dark ones good side and should lighten your pain in the days to come. 

Regardless it is a great beer to help forget the bad things to come and at only $6.66 it is a great deal!

Now, I hear you asking yourself, "But who will be at The Bayou to pour these beers on the 22nd? All those wonderful employees are sure to be raptured!" Au contraire, I won't name names but there are a few of us for whom the Trappist monks couldn't possibly brew enough beer to save. So that's good news for you! We will be open promptly at 5:00 pm on the 21st and 22nd to start cracking open the Lucifers.

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