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Beer Here (Denmark)

Danish brewing legend Christian Skovdal Andersen was the founder and artistic force behind Ølfabrikken, until the brewery fell on some hard times. That didn’t stop Christian. After some saving and planning, he has now founded his own company, Beer Here, and the beer world is already talking about his new brews.

Hopticulus 9.0% ABV 500 ml 15-

Hoptilicus is a barleywine hopped like a double IPA. The idea was to make a strong complex ale show casing both the hops and malts while retaining drinkability from the use of Danish beet sugar which ferments away leaving only alcohol drying the beer out. The label is inspired by a famous Danish B-movie from the 50’es.

Kremlin Crude (Russian Imperial Stout) 10.0% 500 ml 16-

The vinous, rich nose is layered with malt, coffee, roasted grains and pungent smoke. Toffee from the malt and alcohol build to meet the hops, then the flavours melt together with Islay whiskey and dark sultana raisins.

Rye Hopper 9.0% ABV 500 ml 15-

Called Hopfix in some markets, Rye Hopper started as a home brew recipe when Christian, founder of Beerhere started home brewing in the nineties. Wanting to brew a beer with rye, which is a stable grain of Danish cuisine he turned to the Internet and found a recipe from Denny Conn, award winning home brewer from Oregon. After brewing in the kitchen for a few years Christian started a brewery where the recipe lived on for a number of years as Ølfabrikken Rug IPA. When starting Beerhere in 2008, Hopfix would be one of the first beers to be brewed. In the intervening years the recipe has been continually modified but in its heart is it still based on Denny Rye IPA.

SoD (Baltic Porter) 7.5% ABV 500 ml 15-

Full of dark chocolate, cocoa, carmel, figs and black fruit flavors. Full body with a smooth creamy mouthfeel.  An amazing example of this rare beer style.


Other New Beers

Mikkeller SpontanCherry Frederiksdal (Belgium) 8.2% ABV 375 ml 22-

Mikkeller gets a little sour. SpontanCherry is an oak aged sour ale by the Danish gypsy brewery. Frederiksdal refers to the estate from which the beer gets its sour cherries.

Mikkeller SpontanNoble (Belgium) 8.2% ABV 375 ml 22-

This Belgian Gueze style beer is aged in Sauternes Wine Barrels giving it an amazing wine/grape character which blends extremely well with the sour/tart gueze.

Mikkeller AK Alive (USA) 8.0% ABV 750 ml 19-

Only 1300 cases of this sour/wild ale by Mikkeller was Brewed at Anchorage Brewing Company. Based on Mikkeller's Wild Ale It's Alive, this beer has probably the strongest Funky Brettanomyces character of any of our wild beers. For fans of wild/funky beers only.

Christoffel Nobel (Netherlands) 8.7% ABV 330 ml 11-

This Imperial Pilsner/Strong Pale Lager is dry-hopped with Brambling Cross.  91 points at ratebeer.com. We were only able to get 2 cases this time around.

Slaapmutske Triple Nightcap (Belgium) 8.1% ABV 330 ml 7-

Slaapmutske literally means ‘Sleeping Cap,’ (and, as an extension, ‘nightcap’) in Flemish. The name came about a few years ago when brewer Dany de Smet and his lovely wife, Marleen, were trying to soothe their crying baby, Jonas. When all else failed, Dany hit on the idea of giving the lad a short lick of a finger dipped into a glass of one of Dany’s beers. And with that, young Jonas was out like a light. Marleen declared the beer to be a real ‘slaapmutske,’ and thus, a brewery was born.

Fantome Saison (Belgium) 8.1% ABV 750 ml 22-

This is a tremendously delicious, textural, and fizzy county ale, bright gold color, citric and sour, reminiscent of a good champagne or lambic but in a class all its own.

Fantôme – Golden ale, 8% alc. by volume, with a wonderfully musty and characterful aroma. There are many drinkers out there who believe this is the “Nectar of the Gods.” Certainly no other brewer makes beer like this, in Belgium or anywhere. How many beers of 8% plus offer such fresh fruitiness? A solid Belgian saison beer at its base, with an unusual overlay of fruitiness.

Jolly Pumpkin Bam Noir (USA) 4.3% ABV 750 ml 22-

Dark, smooth, delicious. Aromas of worn leather and cool autumn nights. Notes of sweet plum and toasted raisin, hints of coffee and cacao. Lingering tart and refreshing finish.

Jolly Pumpkin Oro de Calababaza (USA) 7.5% ABV 750 ml 22-

Brewed in the Franco-Belgian tradition of strong golden ales. Spicy and peppery with a gentle hop bouquet and the beguiling influence of wild yeast.

If you ever reach total enlightenment while drinking beer, I bet it makes beer shoot out your nose.
-- Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy

To Øl beers now at The Bayou!

The latest brewery to hit the Bayou's coolers is To Øl. To Øl is a gypsy brewing co, which means that they are a bunch of cheap ass deadbeats who don't even own their own brewing equipment ;-) That hasn't stopped them for landing a listing in the 2013 Top 50 breweries in the world on Ratebeer.com though. And our initial tasting of the three beers of theirs we now have has made us believers.

We have the following To Øl beers right now:
Sleep Over Coffee IIPA - http://bit.ly/16YlYGp
Mocchachino Messiah - http://bit.ly/14eDWBU
Ov-Ral Wild IIPA - http://bit.ly/19emHaK

Check out their really interesting history on their web site and try their beer in Utah exclusively at The Bayou.


Mikkeller Beer Arrivals

Just got a big order of Mikkeller beers in today.  Many new beers and a few favorites restocked. 

Beer Geek Brunch Weasel (Cognac Edition)

22.00 250ml Ratebeer.com 99 points

The regular Beer Geek Brunch Imperial Oatmeal Stout is brewed with one of the world's most expensive coffees, made from droppings of weasel-like civet cats. The fussy Southeast Asian animals only eat the best and ripest coffee berries. Enzymes in their digestive system help to break down the bean. Workers collect the bean-containing droppings for Civet or Weasel Coffee. The exceedingly rare Civet Coffee has a strong taste and an even stronger aroma. Mikkeller then took this high rated beer and let it splash about in a totally fresh cognac barrel for three months. Exceedingly rare and amazing.

Brew Dog/Mikkeller I Hardcore You

11.00 330ml Ratebeer.com 99 points

I Hardcore You is a 9.5% Imperial India Pale Ale, an international collaborative effort between 2 of Europe’s most rock ’n roll brewers. This beer is a blend of BrewDog’s Hardcore IPA and Mikkeller’s I Beat You. After the blending, the beer was then dry hopped a further twice. Making I Hardcore You a beer which has been dry hopped four times, or maybe even six times. They apparently kinda lost count.

Black Stout 

22.00 375ml Ratebeer.com 97 points

A 17.5% ABV Imperial Stout for hardcore beer geeks only.  It is the strongest beer brewed in Scandinavia and the craziest, wildest, strongest beer from Mikkeller to this date.  Seriously, if you have never had an Imperial Stout stay away and wait until you are ready.  1 case only of this beer.

Big Worse

21.00 375ml Ratebeer.com 98 points

Mark's absolutely favorite Barley Wine but at 12% ABV it is definately not a daily drinker. Brewed with additions of candy sugar and using nugget, cascade and centennial hops, this beer is truly a blend of old and new world styles.  

Single Hop Beers

9.00 330ml

Severly limited supply on these three Single Hop IPA's from Mikkeller.  We have gotten in Ctira, Sorachi Ace & Simcoe this time around.  Those in the know have all the information you need about  these beers.

Mikkeller Barrel Aged Chipotle Porter (Texas Ranger)

We just received this amazing new beer from Mikkeller.
This porter has a full roasted malt flavor with the traditional chocolate and roast coffee notes. Add to that wonderful hints of vanilla and a slight smoke character from the chipotle finishing with an amazing chili flavor with very low heat.  Mikkeller then took this already great beer and aged it in Speyside whisky barrels to add just that extra bit of complexity. A new favorite from one of my favorite breweries.
Don't just take my word for it though.
Ratebeer.com gives it 99 out of 100 points
Beer Advocate gives it an A-
375 ml 6.6% ABV  21.00

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