Blue Sky Wind Power Report

Just got our annual report from Rocky Mountain Power's Blue Sky Program. We purchased 195,600 kilowatt-hours of wind power in 2011. We avoided 234,403 lbs of CO2 release which is the equivalent of 238,329 miles not driven or 2,756 trees planted. It turns out that we actually used 203,366 kilowatt-hours so we missed our 100% goal and ended up at 96.2% wind.

We are making that up right now by purchasing extra blocks to overshoot 2012 usage and get back to 100% wind power overall.

If you are interested in Blue Sky for you home or business check it out at It really isn't that expensive overall and goes a long way to helping keep our air clean. The Beer Nut and Bayou are determined to maintaining a 100% renewable power program.