Hoppers SnoAle shhh...

Well, we were keeping this on the down low and now that I've just had one I am very hesitant in even mentioning it. Why? Because it's so damn good I want it all for myself!

Hoppers brewmaster Donovan Steele has kicked out an absolutely amazing farmhouse style holiday beer. One word popped into my mind when drinking it: WOW!

Don't just take my word for it, here is some more gushing by our local beer blogger extrodinare Mike Riedel:

"Just when you thought that you had reached your local Holiday beer quota for the year, another crazy damn brewer decides to up the ante."

Read Mikey's whole take (which I couldn't agree with more) on his blog.

This is a true Artisinal product so supplies are very limited quantities. I thank Donovan and Hoppers for letting us have any of it. If it were my beer I would have kept it all for my self.