Deschutes Black Butte XXIII

Deschutes Black Butte porter is always a favorite. Nice roast and chocolate notes. Well, Deschutes decided that on their birthday each year they would release an imperial version of this already wonderful porter.

This years release XXIII is most certainly the best version we have ever had: Orange zest from Seville spanish oranges, artisinal chocolate nibs from Theo and Pasilla Negra Chillies fill your mouth with such amazing flavors that you not want to put this beer down. The 11% ABV however might just put YOU down.

Deschutes' The Stoic

Deschutes Brewery’s newest enterprise, The Stoic, a Belgian-style Quadruple, has finally arrived! Its five year odyssey from experimental beer to coveted Reserve Series eminence is complete.

"The finest Belgian brewing philosophies have inspired this contribution to the American Quadruple scene, mingling the four virtues of compelling ingredients, nuanced flavor, sound body, and a composed harmony. The Stoic requires discovery of the truth of the matter."

Deschutes brewers describe a simple recipe ironically hard to brew. The classic malt bill is all Pilsner malt. Hallartau, Czech Saaz, and Northern Brewer hops sustain a deftly understated flavor. Belgian candy sugars add impact and the smooth body required of any Belgian-style brew worth quaffing. A healthy portion of pomegranate molasses casts an opulent, tangy twist, while a vintage Belgian yeast strain provides a solid reference point. Pinot Noir and Rye Whiskey barrel-aging suggest notes of spice, citrus, pepper, vanilla, and toasted caramel like offerings to the ancients.

"Like the ancients, we employ reason to live well. Reason demands truth. Truth invites experience. Unraveling the intricacies of The Stoic reveals a determined pursuit of that spirited endeavor. Ergo…it is very reasonable to live well when experiencing The Stoic."

New Deschutes beers in

New Deschutes Beers @ The Bayou

Click the links to go to Deschutes website for more info on each beer.

Inversion I.P.A.

Inversion I.P.A.'s trio of American hops delivers an over-the-top nose with hints of orange and grapefruit. Inversion is then dry-hopped for seven days resulting in an added hoppy kick. To balance the hop character, Deschutes’ brewers used crystal and caraston malts that weave throughout the beer providing soft, complex caramel flavors.

Deschutes Brewery Special Order arrived

A few new Deschutes beers arrived today:
Obsidian Stout
Inversion IPA
Mirror Mirror

I'll have a better write up after I have tried them :)

Deschutes Brewery's Beers now in

Deshutes Beers Just Arrived

We just received two beers from Deschutes Brewery.

Black Butte Porter

Deschutes Brewery's flagship beer, Black Butte Porter has built a dedicated following since its first pint.  Rich in flavor yet easy to drink with its creamy, smooth mouth feel, Black Butte Porter dispels the myths about dark beer. The slight hop bitterness up front enhances the distinctive chocolate and roasted finish.

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